The World Is Clearly Ending

from by Slow Teeth



In june the rain did pour and pour
And all the summer hearts were torn
But what were we expecting when the world is clearly ending

Musings under streetlamp light
Fit of kisses on the porch sleep deprived
We float along the currents of nostalgia

But we can’t stay here
Breathing in the stale air and choking on
Our longings and loathing and you forgot something in the Midwest

If I don’t go out there
Where will I be next year but listlessly listening
For the sound of your sweet deceit in my ear

Smoke sunshine through the teeth
Thick black grease stains my speech
A key I made you of lace and glue
Though bare bones shone and feathers flew
How dull they grew how dull they grew

Seaweed hangs from the trees
To the bark barnicles cling

Dear pacific swollow me whole
To your shores I crawl back alone
And this cool breeze carries me away from you

Whatever you say your hands speak more truth
The blackest crow has turned to white
In it’s flight between our lives


from The World Is Clearly Ending, released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Slow Teeth Portland, Oregon

Slow Teeth is an anarcha-herbalist quintet from Portland Oregon formed in January, 2009. We play vocally oriented, often choral, usually apocalyptic punky folk music with shades of goth-western, vaudevillian and string band arrangements. Each member plays multiple instruments and writes songs, taking it in turn to sing lead and switching instruments between songs. ... more

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