Pride is a Chariot

from by Slow Teeth



You got a spirit that wants to give in, fully surrender, but still hold up your chin. I got a nature that understands the need to improvise when you shoulda been makin’ plans.
But I wasn’t calling you an idiot, can’t you see my spirit hitchhiking down the street from it’s busted chariot?
No one could build a temple in which they could hide from decay,
And no one stops for broken spirits in this day and age.

Swing low, swing so low.

The only romance I know is under the canopy, where I learned something from the alder tree. Like, how the wind seduces them right out of their seeds and the big ones watch the little ones come up in the shade by the stream.
The hottest I get is a smoky fire and it’s a busted-chariot, wood-burned pile.
With the oak and the alder and the firgotten dreams. And the cedar needle crackling to tell me a consoling story.

Swing low, swing so low.

Come here and look directly into my eyes.
I wouldn’t do you like that, I couldn’t if I tried.
I look in yours and you’re a hundred million miles away.
High in pride’s chariot, the wood will burn in regret’s flames.


from The World Is Clearly Ending, released December 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Slow Teeth Portland, Oregon

Slow Teeth is an anarcha-herbalist quintet from Portland Oregon formed in January, 2009. We play vocally oriented, often choral, usually apocalyptic punky folk music with shades of goth-western, vaudevillian and string band arrangements. Each member plays multiple instruments and writes songs, taking it in turn to sing lead and switching instruments between songs. ... more

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